tokyo quick pros and cons!!

  • convenience store pastries are the bomb dot com
  • train frequency is great
  • kbooks + liking unpopular characters = hell yeah
  • funassyiland is sweet i was totally 元気にひゃっはー
  • wi2 wi-fi is free if you get a code. it USUALLY works and there are a lot of hotspots
  • tokyo metro wi-fi is free too and it ALWAYS worked and you dont need a code
  • im honestly so glad i didnt rent a pocket wi-fi
  • this list is off-balance even tho this one has more things the other one looks longer anyway funabashikeibajo station here is cool looking
  • the number one totally worst thing about tokyo is the lack of benches! im not some out of shape person who needs to rest every minute, but hey sometimes i want to sit down to check directions or count my money or eat my convenience store food???
  • seriously where the heck am i supposed to eat the food i buy at a conbini? i read that it was rude to eat while walking, but there's nowhere to sit, either inside or outside of the conbini. same thing with vending machines. it'd be one thing if tokyo didnt have fifty million convenience stores and vending machines, but they do, so whats with that??? explain yourself tokyo
  • 7/11 shirokuma ice kinda sucks. dont buy it

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