When I made this website, I feel like I had a lot of spirit. I still used Tumblr back then, I had World Trigger and its small community which wasn't entirely terrible, even if there were occasionally the kind of things I don't like, which I feel like are not so acceptable to mention, but I'll say them anyway, like people who will give a character much darker skin or thrust queerness where it doesn't particularly belong (but it's fine when I do it!) That's behind me. It's good it's all behind me. Long behind me. I don't communicate with anyone any more. I'm not involved with social media, really. Well, I have a Twitter which is very old and is used to let out various feelings. I follow three people who I knew in high school, who follow me back, but they mostly post about video games, which are something that I do not care about at all. I have some amount of other followers, but they're probably not real people. Maybe some accounts that haven't posted since 2010. I haven't deleted Facebook because sometimes I do find that I want to see some kind of page, and it seems like if you're not logged in, it would force you to log in. The internet now is so full of sites that want to force you to log in, or want you to install their app, or receive notifications, or add it to your home screen. I hate all of this.

As a rather intense anime fan, I do still enjoy MyFigureCollection, the former Tsuki-Board. It feels like the people on there are quite serious about anime, as opposed to the sort of thing I would expect to see on "le rebbit". Of course, none of the people I used to know are still there. It might be a bit less active. I'm not even that interested in figures any more myself, although I have purchased a few since the time I stopped collecting and sold off most of mine. I feel like I've become even more disgusting than I was ten years ago, and I was pretty bad then, although as a fourteen-year-old, it might be more acceptable, but I really wasn't your average fourteen-year-old anime fan, especially back then. Anyway, now I have my own place and only the bathroom is safe from anime. It's like my drug. It's healing. It's like my whole life revolves around it. Every action I take, isn't it just to be more anime? Job choice? Influenced by anime. I started building model airplane kits, because I saw Hasegawa's 1/72 Yak-1 with a 1/20 resin figure of dear Sanya. All of my interest in military things stems from Stirke Witches. Yet I live that boat life.

I started watching Lain for the first time recently, although I'm not done yet. I started watching it on my regular monitor and Blu-ray player, but instead I decided to switch to DVD on my iMac G4. Much more aesthetic. The anime's aesthetic is about all it really seems to have going for it, but it's not even as aesthetic as the Digimon movie. The English Digimon movie has all those cheesy jokes too. The aesthetic of Lain is only slightly better than the movie The Net, except it's better because it's anime and not a live action movie. If The Net was an anime, nothing in Lain could compete with Mozart's Ghost. That OP though. Why isn't Race of a Thousand Camels on cassette?