This page is about some nice cassette tapes! My1 is normal position and blue, My2 is high positon and pink. There are three different versions of each tape. The 1997/98 version is not pictured here because I do not own it. I have no idea what the actual tape looks like, but there are pictures of it in its wrapper online. The 1999 version was designed by GR Studio and the My2 has a soccer ball on it for some reason (??). The 2000/01 version is the one with the bears.

Here you can see the true cuteness of this tape. Beautiful colour, cute graphics, and a nice font. The other image is the labels that come with these tapes. I want to see the labels for the first version! I want to see the actual tape too of course!

These are the 2000/01 tapes. Because of this image I thought these had screws, but they don't. I wanted to put the tape from a cassette with a broken shell in one of these, but nope. At least they're 60 minute tapes and not the 10 minute ones.

It's not related, but I LOVE this Beanie Babies background. :) This is not my Penhorn Mall page, and they certainly did not sell these nice Japanese tapes there, but ok on the off chance someone is reading this and they are a 90s kid of Dartmouth... yeah remember when there was an entire store just for Beanie Babies. Just across from San Francisco. That existed.