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♪ Now I can see that we're falling apart, from the way that we used to be ♪

Yep, these lyrics describe Penhorn Mall after Wal-Mart left pretty darn well.

Penhorn layout

Directory in May 2008. Check the next page for a directory for a slightly more full mall.


Here is a beautiful picture, taken in 2010. It's just about the only beautiful view you could see in 2010.


Alright, this one is nice too.


Entrance D. This album also has some way more sad looking shots, from when even Tattletales was all papered up. But they're still kicking and I hope they continue to live on, even though I'm long past the days of Webkinz.

Goodbye Penhorn Mall

The colours, lights, and PLANTS of this food court design kill me with their beauty, a beauty that was too good for this world. The empty food court, on the other hand...

Stan's Unisex

Stan's in 2007. At one point, they had a little sign inside saying that they weren't moving, but they packed up before some other things did. Nearly all my haircuts as a kid were here. My ears were pierced here too, although only the second time. The first time was at First Choice, which is still in the same place, but now Stan's is inside Superstore.

Not sure how many would go to the trouble of downloading this, but here is my archive of all of the photos I could find. Nearly all of these photos came from Flickr, but I'm saving them just in case ??? The rest are stills from a Youtube video, and some SUPER RARE photos of the last day of Sobeys 400. Not that there are many people who would value these photos, but I do. This video is also of interest.

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