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All I have to give is Backstreet Boys MIDIs - without them I don't think I could live.

So back on page two, we were gonna look at Wal-Mart... only to find a pile of rubble. But the people of Dartmouth were not without a Mall-Wart. It just wasn't a part of a mall any longer.

Here's Dartmouth Crossing Wal-Mart when it was first built, complete with McDonald's drive-thru.

If you go on Streetview, and switch between August 2012 and the later captures, you can see how it changed.

I have one more from Dartmouth Crossing, but first I need to show what it replaced. Here's the old Future Shop, currently occupied by paper-sign Designer Depot.

Looked nice, but now Future Shop is no more. Apparently Stitches is here, but I don't know what it looks like.

Anyway enough of Dartmouth Crossing, 'cuz you know what they don't have? SOBEYS

Tacoma Canadian Tire moved to Dartmouth Crossing, Westphal Sobeys moved to Tacoma, Woodlawn Lawtons moved to Westphal, and the former Lawtons and Woodlawn Medical Clinic stayed empty for a very long time, before being chopped up into more different units. Now there's a spin studio, vape shop (ew), and still a whole lotta empty space. Not to mention all the rest of the empty spaces at 114 Woodlawn Road... ESPECIALLY the space that contained Domino's, which didn't even exist before they were there. All of their signage is still up, even though they've been gone for quite a while. That Play Cafe a couple doors down is also guilty of this.

Here's Primrose Plaza Sobeys, which was never occupied by anything else after Sobeys left. On the most recent Street View, it looks like it was converted into multiple units, and apparently the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre is here, but it's the only thing aside from Lawtons.

I'd like to mention the old Lawtons logo, which looked way too similar to the logo for Shoppers.

Here's Pleasant Street Sobeys, which was ALSO never occupied by anything else after Sobeys left. Great job, Empire/Crombie/Sobeys/whatever. Wyse Road replaced these stores, I guess.

Speaking of Empire, here's the theatre on Portland Street. The OTHER theatre on Portland Street. The theatre not inside Penhorn Mall. Back then, there were more theatres on Portland Street than there currently are in all of Dartmouth. Because there were two on Portland Street then, and one in all of Dartmouth now. There are more screens now though.

You can see the theatre again in the corner (this became the new "Woodlawn" library). Kara's is not here at all, Goodlife is Nubody's, and Superstore has a different logo. The only thing unchanged is the LC.

My final image for now, here is McDonald's on the corner of Portland and Baker, before it was renovated. You have to click the image to see it, and even then it's tiny, but please note the McDonald's logo on the MT&T payphone.

Clock in Mic Mac Mall that I totally forgot existed!

Not only that, here's the fountain in Mic Mac Mall I ALSO totally forgot existed. To think there was a time before Starbucks...