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facts about me - REMAKE

(you can view the original from the IPFS hash if you really want to LOL some of them are the same tho)
  1. im from halifax nova scotia
  2. left handed and 168 cm tall
  3. probably the most obsessive world trigger fan in the province if not the whole country
  4. a proud owner of an ibook clamshell (this site does not display well on an 800 x 600 screen)
  5. the kind of person who gets scared by their own shadow sometimes
  6. preferred music is MIDI versions of songs from naruto and hunter x hunter
  7. the first website i ever made an account on was neopets (in 2001)
  8. favourite potato is the mcdonalds hashbrown
  9. second favourite potato is the mcdonalds fries
  10. third favourite potato is scalloped potatoes
  11. shares a name with a certain pixar fish who is looking for his son
  12. i dont know why i decided to remake this page i dont have any ideas for it

I like to listen to Backstreet Boys cassette tapes (no hetero tho), and imagine that I bought the tape at Wal-Mart. When I listen to Savage Garden, I imagine that I bought the tape at Zellers.