(the manga and the person who made this website)

trigger house is my small fansite about world trigger!

if you are on this page maybe you already kno about world trigger, but in case you dont...

world trigger is a manga by ashihara daisuke, running in weekly shonen jump since february 2013. it takes place in mikado city, where gates to another world open up and bring in creatures called neighbours. most of the ones that come thru the gate are city-destroying monsters called trion soldiers, but one day our main character, mikumo osamu, meets kuga yuuma, a person who has come from the other side. this is a story about them and all of the others who work for the organisation called border, trying to protect the city

(...as well as some other more spoiler-y goals)



  • 168 cm
  • May 2
  • Felus, Blood Type B
  • Likes: Shonen Jump, ice skating, french fries
  • If I was in Border: Sniper
  • Favourite characters: Too many to list, but especially Konami, Usami, Chano, Hyuse, Miwa, Midorikawa... *proceeds to list basically every character anyway*