welcome 2 hell

random bad headcanons about chano. some of these contradict each other but thats why theyre random

  • chano's toque used to belong to tachikawa. it has hat. he was number one.
  • chano is definitely hiding something under that hair. a mole? a scar? a missing eye?
  • alternatively (or maybe additionally) chano who looks way girlier with their hair out of their face
  • chano who doesn't like tea
  • chano who became friends with betsuyaku after exchanging hat-related compliments
  • chano who does not care about school uniform regulations and wears a skirt and pants at the same time
  • chano who is oblivious to the fact they look like a guy?
  • chano who started presenting like this just to be noticed by megumi (pls shoot me. i need yuri 2 live)
  • chano whose real body looks ttly different; school ppl dont kno theyre in border (despite the agent list)
  • chano with those lame pronoun buttons. but theyre english so ??????
  • chano with the smitty werbenjagermanjensen hat. chano with a propellor hat. chano with the replica hat
no i cannot decide what kind of awful queer chano i want yes i am going to hell a thousand percent they just look like a dude tho but that is the last thing i want this is shonen jump there are already too many guys lol